Yearbook Services

most yearbook companies will only print your yearbook…

Entourage offers a spectrum of 7 services specifically designed to help you with your yearbook project. All of the following services are included in our yearbook publishing offer.

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Online Tools & Software

Entourage provides every customer with industry leading online yearbook software and design tools.

  • Check the online yearbook schedule - Track your progress from start to finish

  • Submit your files online - Upload your pages instantly and easily

  • Browse our online idea gallery - Use our templates or create your own

  • Attend our online webinars - Get great tips on popular software programs, yearbook designs, and more

Cut & Paste

For staffs that are fans of scrapbooking, the Cut & Paste program is perfect for you! You can use all of the current scrap boooking techniques and accessories to design a beautiful and unique book. The Cut & Past program includes:

  • Cut & Paste starter kit with forms and guides to creating your pages

  • High resolution commercial scanning of your cut & paste work

  • Printed proofs to review your book before final productions

Custom Yearbook Programs

Entourage Yearbooks offers custom yearbook creation programs to help you through the yearbooking process:

  • Press-Ready - Custom designed yearbooks using the latest desktop design software!

  • Cut & Paste - Great for scrap booking and classroom fun!

  • Virtual Yearbook Staff - Our staff creates the yearbook for you!

Printing & Cover Options

Select from a variety of yearbook printing and binding options. Customize your yearbook using the best in professional book production:

  • Embossing & debossing

  • Custom foil stamping

  • Printed end sheets

  • UV and metallic cover coatings

Personalized Yearbook Marketing

Just choose the style you like, let us know the information you would like to include and Entourage Yearbooks will create your marketing materials for you!

  • Posters

  • Handouts

  • Order Forms

  • and Email marketing templates

Yearbook Design Advice

Need design help? Entourage Yearbooks staffs professional graphic designers to help you create your ideal yearbook.

  • Chat one-on-one with our professional design team

  • We will work with you to design covers, edit photos, create clip-art etc.

  • Make sure your book looks the best it can

Account Management & Technical Support

We support our customers through both our toll free tech support number, as well as online conferencing where we can view your computer screen and help walk you through any trouble you may encounter.

  • Having trouble? Chat live with our tech team both online and on the phone

  • We will help you until all your problems are solved

School Fundraising Services through EntourageGO

Raisings funds for your yearbook can be one of the most challenging aspects of your project. Entourage is the only yearbook company to also offer a free online fundraising store. Sign up your school for a FREE online fundraising

  • Create and list products like school calendars, photo mugs with your school logo, team t-shirts, graduation invitations, and many more

  • Easy online management

  • Attractive fundraising margins

Entourage provides industry leading support and has invested in tools, templates, and technology to make the yearbook creation process simple and easy. All pricing includes full access to all of Entourage’s yearbook resources.

More than just printing, Entourage provides every level of support and service your will need to create a memorable and beautifully designed yearbook for your school. Are you ready to learn more?

"Entourage Yearbooks was very flexible and they helped us manage to our deadlines, instead of managing to theirs. The price was right and they helped us at every stage of the process."

- Henry Highland Garnett, PS #175

"We chose Entourage because their commitment to customer service is at the heart of their mission statement. The use of technology, the flexibility in submission, and the ability to review and revise our work allowed our yearbook to be an immeasurable success."

- Allied High School For Health Services